The Best Job of All

One day in heaven the Angels received quite a surprise.
God, surveying His world, said, You know, not all of you are up here with Me.
(There was great consternation and widening of eyes.
Where?  Where are the other Angels?  Can we see?)

Look there, said God, look to the earth and the souls below.
Find the pain and suffering and loss, winding all through the night.
See there, look for the Forever Mummies and Daddies in their special glow.
Do you see how they help one another with love so bright?
(The Angels weren’t sure they understood.
What is a Forever Mummy and a Forever Daddy?)
Well, God told them, that is the very best job of all, filled with good.
Of course, it is also the hardest one, too, I’m sure you’ll agree.

(There was a great rustling of Angel wings, as they asked, Why?)
And God replied, Because I give them each a special baby, a little one,
To love forever and ever.  (And the Angels sighed, Oh my.)
It is a bond like no other in time, one that can never be undone.

Their love is more vast than the oceans,
Taller than the great redwood trees,
Stronger than the reaching mountains,
Sweeter and warmer than the summer sunshine on ripening raspberries.

(The Angels asked, Why is this the hardest job?  It sounds like the best.)
Gently God replied, My little ones are My greatest creation of all.
They are sweet and loyal and loving and trusting.  They are blessed.
Though their stature is little, their love is strong and tall.

But these beloved babies will leave the ones who love them the most.
God spoke sadly, I know, more than anyone, the depth of the pain
When a dear child leaves a parent’s arms – I know the cost.
When they suffer this loss, their hearts are wounded, and yet they gain.

They understand the suffering of all beings in My world,
And they reach out to it, to offer healing and solace.
They know how precious are love and life, how each is a gleaming pearl.
And their own pain moves them to help others in distress.

(The littlest Angel started to cry.  Aren’t they lonely all the time?)
Oh yes, said God, and lonely for Me, as they don’t meet with me daily,
The way you and I do.  But My plan, as always, is sublime,
And there is a reason why they are not yet here in eternity with Me.

My Forever Mummies and Daddies must understand the pain of one another,
And they must have faith that the pain is fleeting.
I walk silently with each one, and I cry with them as they remember.
My tears fill the skies with rain, and my grief makes the thunder ring.

But I also give My Forever Mummies and Daddies the hope to go on,
For they are some of My very best Angels, and I would not abandon them.
After the rain, I send My perfect promise, My rainbow, so they know I am not gone,
And the rainbow offers healing and causes each heart to lighten.

The rainbow is My promise that the suffering is not in vain.
The Forever Mummies and Daddies take turns pushing back the long night,
And they tell others that they will be with their loved ones again.
Together they join hearts and send us their candle light.

(The Angels folded their wings and looked to earth once more.
They gazed with new eyes, and, behold, they saw their fellows.
They saw the sharing of pain and grief, and they felt hearts soar.
They saw the gap between heaven and earth begin to close.)

And, with purrs and sweet barks and all manner of sound,
little ones curled up on God’s knee,
While others slept round His feet contentedly.

The Best Job of All©2004 Barbara E. Allen
with love and thanks to Colleen McElroy