Seasons of Love

...a hint of winter...

A Letter from the Bridge

Waif and Patches were stretched out, side by side,
Purring while they gazed at the gently falling snow,
When Tanzey and Bonnie bounded by,
Followed eagerly by Timber, who was no longer slow.

Missy turned to Dog, “There’s room for us reds,”
So Duncan announced, “Hey! There’s room for me too!”
“There’s room for us all,” Morrigan politely said –
But then Maggie Rose perked up her ears – because she knew –

She heard the voices, and she looked ‘round to Toby,
Who nodded sagely, as Tyson joined them, and said,
“They’re hurting again. Let’s go get everybody.”
Saber and Ebbie nudged Rocky, who went on ahead.

Kashmir knew, and so did Cilla, how deep the pain.
Sidik, too, felt the grief – “They want to say goodbye.”
Blackjack and Abby took the left, Max and Nermal, the right, lane.
And began to gather the babies from far and wide.

As they came together, the air began to glisten –
Lucy flew in, adding her brilliant color,
While Leto drew closer, bringing others to join in.
Then Bud started the message, his iguana voice pure and clear.

“Dear Mama, Dear Papa, we know what you think – ”
Shelby spoke up, “You think you let us down – ”
“You think you need to say goodbye,” from Sweep.
“But,” proclaimed ChaZAAM, “Take a look around!”

Spook spoke up, “We are not gone, we’re still here.”
And Ozzie’s long collie fur rustled his delighted joy.
Everywhere they looked, they saw babies far and near
Sparkling with health and peace – and a perfect glow.

“Do not worry, Mama and Papa, but listen with your heart,
Hush now, please hear us, do not cry,
Believe that we are always together, never apart.”

And Cully said, “So, there is no goodbye.”

©2006 Barbara E. Allen

...a touch of spring...

A Breeze through the Bridge

One fine spring day a gentle breeze passed through the Bridge.
Tyger lifted her head and sniffed lightly.
“Mum’s hurting,” she said. “I’d better go see.”
Hazel said, “Wait for me.”

Cheech happened to be passing by and heard the girls.
So he too checked the breeze with nose and ears.
“Oh dear, momma’s still in pain,” he whispered.
On Cheech’s back, Nelson heard.

Sinbad and Max floated down from their lofty perch
And touched noses as they breathed the sweet air.
They sang, “We need to tell them we’re all right.”
Sam joined, “Dad’s tears shine bright.”

From her garden, Muffit turned an ear to the earth.
“Mom never found me,” she told the others.
“It’s been too hard for her to say good-bye.”
Checkers saw Mother cry.

Mr. Spats fetched Roxy. "Come, good friend – they call us."
Ern grinned, "Remember Mom's sense of humor?"
"My Mom," purred Macky, "really loved our talks."
Raven sighed. "I miss our walks."

And so they gathered, Merlin and Maxx, Spider too.
Kurama, Baylee, Suzabell, Blacky –
Rudy, Pip, Decker, Shelbi –
All, all gazed tenderly.

From each one’s favorite spot on the Bridge they came.
Thousands of kids murmured about their love.
Healthy, and whole, they purred, yipped, chirped, and sang
‘Til, at last, the bridge rang.

The breeze changed its path, flowed across the bridge, to earth.
It spoke of undying love, found each one,
Each human left behind, each treasured heart.
“Hear me, we did not part.”

“I still live for you. I send you love every day.
Close your eyes and look inside. Hear my voice.
Know that I feel your love and your guilt, too.
Hear me. I forgive you.”

And we all knew that we are remembered, and loved.
And that we are forgiven everything.
Tyger looked at every bridge child, and smiled.
“They'll take comfort a while.”

“But we’ll need to do this again.”
With one voice they replied, “Of course. Love never ends.”

©2004 Barbara E. Allen

...the warmth of summer...

A Summer Song

It was a long summer for the ones left behind.
The babies at the bridge felt all the pain and grief,
And they heard the whispered words so soft and kind,
Whispers that came on the fragile wings of belief.

But the depth of sorrow for each mom and dad
Clouded their memories and made rivers of tears.
Their wounds were deep, and they were terribly sad.
And in their darkest moments they fought their fears.
What if their babies truly were no more
What if death were the final door?
But the babies knew the truth so sweet,
And they shared their thoughts one to the other.
Sidney Lee said, “Can we all try to meet?”
“Of course,” said Tobey, “if it will help mother.”

Cubby saw Annie and so they came side by side,
And Kokopug smiled because he was never alone.
Comet and Orion purred their contented pride
In their forever parents, and their forever home.
How could anyone doubt they still lived?
Didn’t their families understand the gift?
Booger and Mona went to fetch Sulu,
And Fritz and Peanut, new to the bridge.
And Pip called, “Wait for me – I’m coming too!”
Kelsey and Tasha came bustling over the ridge.

Leading the way were Jackson, Meisha, and Willie,
And then Choo Choo and Gizmo joined the growing throng
“Don’t leave me behind,” grinned Missy.
Freddy came too, gathering all the others along.

So multitudes of babies left the woods, and the fields,
And the sparkling streams, the clear blue skies,
To gather at the bridge to heal their loved ones’ needs,
To soothe the sobs and calm the fear in their eyes.
Then the babies joined hearts and began their song,
The song of eternity, sweet and strong.
They sang of life
They sang of the touch of souls
They sang of peace without strife
They sang of ebbs and flows

They sang of love
For love never ends
And the ones left behind
Heard the truth from the friends.
The truth is that no one is left behind,
For we will all follow the same trail
And the golden cord will always bind
Because love will forever prevail.

©Barbara Allen 2004

...a little autumn...

Autumn Rainbow

At the bridge it was a beautiful autumn day,
With bright blue skies, crisp air so fine,
Swirling leaves just right for joyful play,
And golden puddles of warm sunshine.

Ross Allen chased a leaf floating on the breeze
While Jake and Doctor breathed in the scent so sweet.
Miss Kitty and Squeaky played tag with the bees,
And JoJo purred in and out around Harvey’s feet.

Sox welcomed Dymka, who felt right at home,
Bailey did the same for dear Frankie.
Elmo and Chloe helped Punkin with his poem,
And Ajax stood strong and tall ‘neath his favorite tree.

In the clear, clean sun, Bisquit’s fur shone bright,
And Heidi’s whiskers curved in a contented smile.
Here came gleaming Spartacus, freed of his long night,
Nuzzling Ernie, who stretched a happy paw over the fence stile.

Nance’s flood babies were gathered together,
Soft eyes and sparkling fur radiating their peace,
And everywhere they looked, they saw others,
Healthy, loved and loving, without fear – all, all free -

Now we each know that every day is special at the bridge,
But on this day, something wondrous came about.
The babies saw their beloved ones, on grief’s edge,
Looking for a sign, day in and day out.

So Sammy Sus and Morganna had a perfect thought –
If the babies were to pool their joy and their love,
They could build a rainbow and weave a message in each knot,
A rainbow to shimmer all the way to earth from heav’n above.

Sparky loved the idea, and Putter bounced with glee,
Louie and Harvey added sparkle and gleaming light.
Each baby gave heart’s-touch until the rainbow floated free.
Everywhere at the bridge, the babies let their love take flight.

The rainbow shone and sang as it spread o’er all the land,
Carrying its eternal letter of love so dear.
Its colors clear and pure, it was the grandest of grand.
It reached everywhere, here to there, far to near.

Some of us saw with our eyes,
Some stretched out fingertips,
Others let out glad cries,
From stunned but smiling lips.

But everyone knew what they saw was true –
The message was clear...”I love you.”

Let us never forget what each baby already knows,
That love is forever, and when we give of ourselves, it grows.

©2005 Barbara Allen