Holidays at Home

I know how you are about holidays,
All the joy and excitement you feel.
I was there with you, I shared your ways,
And now that I’m gone, I know it doesn’t seem real.

I know that now you go through the motions,
And that you are trying, for my sake,
To slow the tears, to still the oceans.
You want to find that it’s all a mistake.

But, oh, my dear one, let me speak to your heart.
Let me tell you what I now know.
It’s true that I have left, that we had to part.
And it’s true that you must let go.

But it’s also true that I am more than I ever was before.
I am joy, and light, and perfect song,
And pure love woven with memories galore.
The essence of my life with you is ever-present and strong.

For always and ever I am with you,
Even when you are unaware.
I offer you comfort, and hope, and all things true.
I offer you help with the burdens you bear.

So though you do not see me clearly,
I see you and I kiss away your tears.
I am whole and free
And you can cast aside your fears.

Think of me now and remember our holidays.
Know that my memories of them are strong.
And know also that I am happy, with love ablaze,
For I am home now, where I belong.

©2004 Barbara Allen

Song for a New Year

Kahn and Precious were considering the meaning of things,
In the midst of a perfect day at the bridge.
Drew happened by to sit for a while,
Enjoying the sky, and the breeze, and her friends.

Always-at-my-feet-Abby stretched out nearby,
With Poohbear cuddled under her nose.
Caroline and Chevitz watched Rainbow take flight,
And Spirit and Squeaky leaned on each other as they dozed.

Tweeny joined the group, Peaches alongside –
They had something to share with the others.
Cole had told them what it means to die,
And how it hurts their fathers and their mothers.

So they explained about grief and pain
(Because at the bridge there is neither one),
While Copper joined the group, with Versace,
Charlie, Amber, Louie, and Jetson.

Denali slipped in to let everyone know
That their forever families had an additional grief -
A new year had started ‘round the earth below,
Renewing their sorrow and bringing disbelief.

The babies put their sweet heads together,
To think of something they might do –
Here came Otis and Sweetie, Rio and Riefer,
Emma and Toby, Bobbert and Chewy.

The group grew as more babies arrived,
Niki bringing her idea, and Sonny his.
Ariel asked, “Don’t they know we’re alive?”
Grinning a feline smile, Freckles poked Eskie,

And said, “Round up Petunia and Clover,
Get Maggie Pug and Maggie Poodle,
Plus Maverick, Heath, and Tucker.”
Delilah brought her good friend Trouble.

Alake came to help, with Katie and Tiny.
Smokey Blue waved a catly paw,
Bringing Tasha and Shilo, Buttercup and Molly.
(Yes, they are dogs answering his call.)

The air began to sparkle and shimmer
With love from babies far and wide.
Hillary hugged Snowball, Baby cuddled next to Jasper.
“Oh, my goodness,” said Doug with hamsterly delight.

“We have Puff and tortie Abby, plus Scruffy
With her wonderful Christmas cookie smell.”
Wendell gathered Snowball, Jazzy, and Nicky –
And the love still chimed, like a heavenly bell.

Penny and Percy, Dakota and Mac, Muff and Susie –
Well, you can see how many there were –
And still more came.  Buffy brought Rocki,
And Wazzi came with Galileo, all a-purr.

Dusty, Alf, Lizzy, and Jammie snuggled alongside.
There were more babies that day than any could count,
Gathering from here and there, far and wide.
All bringing love and contentment wrapped around.

Suddenly the babies knew what they could bring,
How they could help the pain and the loss –
Shade voiced it for all, “Let our hearts sing,
Tell of the new year here and how we rejoice!”

Cully sang the first note, clear and pure,
And then everyone joined in without fuss.
Their love and their joy gleaming firm and sure,
Fanned by the wings of angels, shining from them to us.

Their song reached us all, touched each heart –
And we stretched our own song back to them,
A new year everywhere, all one, never apart –
Our dear babies teaching us truths once again.

©2007 Barbara E. Allen

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at the Bridge

Duchess was playing tag with Bisquit one fine day,
While Barney and Dixie were taking a break from the play.
Dudley sauntered by, with Harold alongside,
And they all sat down to chat (Bandit was along for the ride).

What happened next was a miracle indeed,
For at that precise moment everyone heard the Prayer of Need.
Tiger turned to Sinbad, who had Sapphire in tow,
And she said, “That’s mother – we’d better go.”

Niki bounded up – “Did you hear it – I heard it – did you?”
Mocha and Precious caught Tizo, who was watching for arrivals so new,
To ask him to let everyone know that it was time –
Time to gather together, time to sing the first line.

Jessie and Bonnie helped Amber find a good place to sit,
And Sarabi moved over so that Killer would fit.
Prissy was already best friends with everyone,
So they gave her one of the best spots in the sun.

From the gurgling stream came Holly and Tikki and Asia and Thor
And, as everyone looked around, here came the others, more and more,
Too many to name - until finally the Bridge shimmered with shiny fur,
Glistening scales, and flashing feathers – all peaceful together.

(Hannah mothered the little ones so they’d know what to do.
Maggie, of course, was carefully shepherding Blue.
Annabelle found Sid, and Max found Hazel,
And Skyler took it all in – what a story to tell!)

They all knew why the Prayer of Need was ringing,
How their moms and dads needed to hear the Bridge singing.
They knew that moms and dads each have a special day on earth,
But separation from their Bridge kids causes pain and hurt.

So they joined their hearts and voices in one sweet sound
And their melody of love rang of truth all ‘round.
“Every day is a special day, for each child, and mom, and dad.
Every day we are alive and whole, always happy, never sad.”

The Bridge kids wove their magic from within each heart,
Reminding us that, though separated, we are never apart.
“The love that brought us together for our earthly days
Is eternal, and perfect, and shines in infinite ways.”

They answered our Prayer of Need – we are never alone –
For every day is mother’s day and father’s day in The Forever Home.

©2005 Barbara Allen

Holidays ©2007 Barbara E. Allen