Tiger’s Sonnet – On her passing

Moonlight dancing in quicksilver fur,
Curve of elegance in graceful pose,
Bringing tender joy where’er she goes –
Soft as downy feathers on baby bird,
Dear voice in feline song heard,
Sweet smudge on perfect nose
And deep-soul eyes that glow,
Crowned with petal ears so pert -

This is my Tiger, my girl, my own,
Who speaks to me with her gaze,
And holds my heart in her paws.
My child with spirit aglow –
Whose love has filled my days –
This is gain, not loss....

©2005 Barbara Allen


A golden warrior, standing proud and strong,
A life of love, one with his family –
Protector, greeter, teacher, part of me.
See – in his eyes – steadfast words of his song –
Singing the bottomless well of our bond,
Spartacus, shining with love’s purity –
Braveheart, you are loved so very dearly.
Forever with you is never too long.

It matters not that I cannot see him –
He is still beloved and he is free –
His soul’s eternity – yes! – he lives on –
The light of his love will never grow dim!
My sweet boy – perfect love in perfect being –
Ever my own, ever here, never gone.

©2005 Barbara Allen

Sinbad’s Sonnet

Namesake to the mighty sailor, Sinbad is an adventurer.
She flies to the refrigerator top and peeks down.
From there she smiles special love with eyes so round
At her beloved, her soul-sharer, her earth mother.
The warm microwave is her secret cave
And nifty boxes allow her to crouch and lie,
Hidden, for attacks on unwary passers-by.
Her plume of a tail signals her mood through its wave.

Passage to the bridge has not slowed her, not a bit.
Playful and bright, she floats the occasional whisker
To her mother and then leads her right to it.
She sends her care and healing to dear sister Tiger.
Sinbad is living her greatest adventure, ever a kit.
Listen!  Hear her purr?

©Barbara Allen 2004

Mother and Daughter
(for Trudy and Shilo and the love that never ends)

Mother’s Sonnet for Shilo

Heart of my heart, wee little one,
With love to fill the universe –
One of God’s very own,
Filled with spirit and life –
Special to Him and precious to me.
How will I live without you,
My little black diva, dear little pug,
How am I to move past this pain?

I catch a glimpse of you from the corner of my eye,
I feel you in the room with me,
What are you telling me, my sweet?
Now you are healed, and though I still cry,
I know at last you run healthy and free –
And I hear you now – you are perfect and complete.

Shilo’s Sonnet to Mother

Hi, Mama, I’m right here!
I know you don’t see me as well as before,
But it’s true – just wait, and you will feel me near.
Mama, maybe you think our time was too short,
And I know you are caught in loss and pain.
But the truth is that our time is not done –
It never will be ‘cause our love will reign.
You are my heart – I am yours – we are one.

See me in the love you share,
Hear me in the joy you bring,
Feel me in the touch of the rescued.
Know that I am with you everywhere,
Remember I will send you songs to sing –
And believe that always and ever, I love you.

©2006 Barbara E. Allen

Sonnet for Morganna

Morganna, terror to all things rodent,
Presenter of the catch of the day,
Life on this earth conducted in your own way –
Time spent at the very content.
Sitting in the sun, head lifted high,
Fur glistening, all colors of the earth,
One small being, of infinite worth,
So brave, so dear, this is not goodbye.

Now you run free – I cannot lament –
Four strong legs, new fields in which to play.
I treasure life with you, every second,
And I miss you, though you are just away.
So live the life for which you were meant,
My sweet, and feel my love for you this day.

©2004 Barbara Allen

Rudy’s Song

Pain reached the bridge from earth one morning,
And many babies felt it,
For they knew it was mother.

Some were stretched out in the sunshine,
And some nibbled goodies,
But each one lifted eyes and ears.

All bridge mothers are special, but this one sparkles
So brightly with love that
Her light is visible in the darkest times.

The babies gathered together, and from their eyes
Shone their mother’s love
Pure and blessed.

Some had memories of living in mother’s home.
Some knew her over a fence.
Some received her love, heart to heart.

Some had thousands of moments with mother,
While others had only one.
All had forever with her.

They felt her pain, heard her sighs, kissed her tears.
Each one leaned to the next
And whispered words of love.

And when mother makes her own journey from earth,
The moments together will become endless and forever,
And her babies will gather round her,
With love returned.

©Barbara Allen 2004

Friends©2004 Barbara E. Allen