Balloon Day

Balloon Day

Bubbles was perched on the right side of the bridge,
Perfectly balanced on a post, in a puddle of warm, golden sun.
Sleepily she gazed across at her purrfect friends,
Greyson, Gizmo, Emma, and Morrigan.

All of a sudden Dusty and BJ arrived, voices high and excited.
Maddie and Avalanche, curious to hear the news,
Called to Willie and Duchess, who said,
“What’s going on? Wait – I’ll get Sammy Sus.”

Pendalino turned to Mandi and Kelsey (who were having tea),
And whispered, “I heard this from Maggie Rose,
Who heard it from Annabelle and Sidney Lee,
It’s about our mamas, and our papas, and the wind that blows.”

Well, word was spreading like sparkling sunbeams that day,
And the babies shared what they heard, one to the other.
The Orange Tabby Crew told DOG and Cody and Cubby,
Who alerted Shelby, Lucky, Petunia, and Thatcher.

Dunc told Marble, who rushed off to find Tizo.
(He was with Taffy and Maya and Bonnie,
Having a great time dancing in the snow.)
But they all joined the others, along with Pooky and Jesse.

Kelsey Len asked Hannah and Skyler,
Because she was sure they would know –
And they told her to cast her gaze earthward,
To the home that shone with her special glow.

Vern and Leon overheard so they looked, too.
They saw what was coming, and they joined the throng,
Calling to Cilla, and Bud, and Sammy, and Bruno,
“Look, everyone, look! Come on, now, hurry along!”

Patch, Sam, and Toby caught a glimpse of something red,
Cassie and Lycos pointed at little dots growing larger,
Butler’s eyes got very round, and he turned to Pebbles and said,
“It’s our moms and dads – do you see – there! Over there!”

Everywhere at the bridge, the kids could see
Gold, blue, yellow, red, orange, and green – even stars on some -
Purple for Shelbi and silver for Sox, Leto, and Lucy –
“Oh, my,” whispered Tanzey, “there’s something for everyone.”

Rollie leaned up against Jessie, little legs all a-tremble,
And Biscuit made sure that Scooter and Bratso could see,
Because the colors were still coming, each with their own special call.
Sweet Hannah nudged Rascal, Jack, Blackjack, and Sparky.

Suki trotted up, with Luna in tow, and asked the others,
“What’s all the fuss?” Tweeny smiled her big smile and pointed to the sky,
Where the balloons floated past, glorious in all their colors,
Floating, and bobbing, messages singing out, higher and higher.

Suki looked for his but couldn’t find it, and a single tear fell.
But Cully leaned near and told him to look closer –
So he did, and guess what he saw? The barest breath from the wings of an angel
Parted the clouds below – then a red balloon, and a yellow one, rose.

All the babies breathed a great sigh of joy –
ChaZAAM said, "This is better than any toy!"
Love floating up from their families below,
Painting their sky all the colors of the rainbow.


Balloon Day ©2006 Barbara E. Allen