Animal Beatitudes

Blessed are they that chew everything in sight,
For they teach us that taste is a matter of personal choice,
and that we may need to change our priorities.

Blessed are they that climb curtains at three in the morning,
For they teach us that mountain climbing is possible indoors,
and that temporary insanity will pass as one grows up.

Blessed are they that bring the collar and leash to us,
For they rejoice in adventure with loved ones,
and they understand how important it is to spend time together.

Blessed are those who sit on our feet,
For they know that we will reach down to pet,
and that a warm body on one's foot is a special gift indeed.

Blessed are those who bask in the sun,
For they remind us to slow down and enjoy the moment,
and they show us their trust and contentment.

Blessed are the gentle ones who ask for little,
For they give all they have, their love and devotion,
and they want nothing but our love in return.

Blessed are the crazy ones, the goofy ones, the ones with attitude,
For they trust us enough to be themselves,
and they know we cherish them just as they are.

Blessed are the healthy ones,
For they live life to the fullest,
and they remind us to put aside our worries and woes.

Blessed are the ones who are ill,
For their enduring strength and patience
are far beyond our own.

Blessed are the wild ones,
For they do not deserve their lot in life,
and they do not know that Angels wait for them.

Blessed are the young ones,
For they renew our hope,
and they heal our hearts.

Bless are the old ones,
For they are our children,
and they carry our hearts.

Blessed are the ones who have gone on to the bridge,
For they love us still,
and they will greet us when we too arrive.

Blessed are all the furries and feathers and scalies,
For they offer us goodness and pureness of spirit,
and they show us the Way Home.

Animal Beatitudes ©2004 Barbara E. Allen