Amazing Love

Isn’t it amazing what happens to the heart?
You know, when a fur child adopts us,
And we are loved like we have never been loved before?

The heart swells with that love,
And then it grows some more,
Because it has to hold the love we give in return.

But when God calls His fur children home,
The heart is wounded and bleeding,
And no longer whole.

We look inside, and we see the blackness
Of pain and grief, and we believe – we know –
That we will never love that way again.

But then, some day, some precise moment,
We see another, and we are pierced.
We say, this one belongs with us.

So we fearfully open our arms,
Welcoming as best we can
This new child who pours love into us.

The heart again expands.
The new love wraps around the gaping hole,
And fills it with memories of sweet joy.

And we begin again the cycle
Of love exchanged,
Of the heart becoming a true vessel.

We pause in wonderment at what has happened,
Because the scar is still there, on the heart,
But the heart has grown yet again, and so have we.

And we realize what our fur children knew already -
Love is forever.

Amazing Love©2004 Barbara E. Allen